Your chance to call John Abraham and this is no Jhooth!

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You always wanted to do it. You always wanted to call one of the dishiest actors in India. He’s arguably the most sexy actor in Bollywood and he’s up to something naughty. For the next two weeks in the night, John Abraham will talk to you up, close and personal. He’s sharing his personal number 0091 98921 55509 and he will talk not just to girls but also boys about anything and everything. Yes, you read that right… lucky people can get through to the Real John!

This is a dream come true opportunity for fans. Turns out that the idea is basically Abraham’s own, inspired from his character in his forthcoming film, Jhootha Hi Sahi. In the film John’s Siddharth falls in love with voice of a girl Mishka (no Russian connection) on the other end of the line.

The story starts with co-star Pakhi calling a love helpline number and instead, getting connected to Abraham, who gladly plays her counsellor. While he admits that he’s not a legitimate counselor, the actor affirms, “I wanted to get on the line with people, hear them out. So I felt this was the best way to do so.” Abraham is not perturbed by the fact that this easy access could bring in unwarranted opinions and comments too.

He reasons, “From the background I come from, criticism is a catalyst to growth. It is important and I harbor no hard or negative feelings if I’m criticized, because I understand there’s a reason for it.” Considering that he started out as a client-servicing executive with an advertising agency before he became a model and then an actor, Abraham considers the audience as his godfather.

So, call John and he will say ‘Hello Hello’ and be all yours!

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