Aishwarya’s Attitude

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Venue: R-City mall in Mumbai

Event: Weekday Shoot for Vipul Shah’s upcoming film Action Replay

Incident: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan should be used to receiving attention by now, but when reports of her developing an attitude started doing rounds on the circuit because of the attention she receives from fans, we became a bit surprised.

Having organized a weekday shoot to avoid fans and crowds as far as possible, Vipul Shah and his men were in for a surprise when the Junior Bachchan Bahu’s fans flocked to the set in order to capture a fleeting look of the Bollywood queen.

Finally emerging, after nearly an hour, Aish was draped in a green sari and was greeted by excited fans calling out her name. Reports indicate that Aishwarya neither bothered to look up once or wave to her fans in acknowledgment. Instead, she seemed uncomfortable walking in the sari and irritated with the attention.

Director Vipul Shah, on the other hand, had the task of clearing space to allow the scene of Aish walking around a mall to be captured, a shot that took a number of re-takes.

Not a good way to behave with your fans, I think you would all agree…

And definitely not befitting behaviour from the bahu whose father-in-law provides Sunday Darshan to his fans.

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