Ali Zafar: Mumbai Calling

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Pakistani Musician and Actor Ali Zafar has set an example for other Bollywood aspirants by becoming the first Pakistani artist to be featured as a solo main lead in a Bollywood movie namely “Tere Bin Laden“.

Since a major portion of the movie is shot in Mumbai, Ali has been frequenting the city for the past few years. “I love Mumbai. The people are very warm here and it is a city I should have come to Mumbai earlier, maybe a decade back to realise bigger professional goals. I’m from Lahore and I love my country and my hometown to bits but for an artist, especially a musician, Mumbai is a much bigger deal. When others were crossing over and coming to India, I should have come and done more work. I feel I have lost out on years but I’m sure I can make it up now that I come to Mumbai as an actor,” Ali revealed recently.

Apart from the fact that the film is getting tremendous audience response, Ali Zafar is rejoicing, following the support from the industry. While Salman Khan tweeted an introduction of Zafar to his followers on the micro-blogging site, Karan Johar posted a picture of him wearing the film’s promotional shirt having a catchy phrase “Good Looking Ullu Da Pattha”.

Ali recently tweeted, “Just saw the film again. Very proud of it. It portrays, in a funny manner, how in Bush’s era Muslims especially Pakistanis were made a target of discrimination and also what kind of role media can play”

Produced by Walkwater Films, and directed by Abhishek Sharma, Tere Bin Laden is the story of journalist who uses an Osama look-a-like to create false news and scoops. Unfortunately, the White House gets involved and serious consequences follow. The film is due to release on 16th July 2010 and the trailers are already playing in major cinemas all over the world.

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