Allah Ke Banday making waves!

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Among big budget mainstream commercial movies releasing at the box-office week-after-week, one movie that is garnering attention and rave reviews is, Allah Ke Banday.. Written and directed by debutant Farukh Kabir (also plays one of the two protagonist), Allah Ke Banday was made on a 5.5crore budget with a smaller cast starring Naseeruddin Shah, Sharman Joshi, Vikram Gokhale, Atul Kulkarni, and Anjana Sukhani. The movie throws spotlight on the world of juvenile crime, growth of delinquency in slums and mafia.

Teen slum dwellers Vijay (Sharman) and Yakub (Faruk), are sent to juvenile prison after being charged guilty of murder, drug peddling and illegal weapons use. Instead of redeeming their life, torture at the hands of inmates leaves a bad impression on the vulnerable minds, and post their release years later, they adopt the ways of the mafia upon returning to the slums. Unforeseen circumstances force them to make the toughest decision for their final path of life.

The film which was initially set to release on 12th November, had to be postponed due to the delay in getting clearance from the censor board. Despite being closely edited, censors wanted few other scenes to be chopped out which Farukh was reluctant about because he didn’t have extra footage to substitute the deletions. After two screenings, the director was able to convince the board and had to settle for an ‘A’ rating. But the delay in censor’s decision meant the movie’s release on 19th clashing with Guzaarish, which Farukh was voluntarily willing to avoid. The film finally hits the screens on Friday November, 26th, and will be facing evident competition from rom-com Break Ke Baad (BKB) starring Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone. Farukh is quick to admit that he did have to fight for show timings and theatre slots against the 26-cr budgeted BKB. But in the end, he is positive that his work will speak for himself.

Part of the director’s worries would have disappeared with certain circles speaking approvingly of the film. After the press screening held earlier this week, Jitesh Pillai (editor, Filmfare) tweeted, “A director is born. Alongside udaan and peepli live, @faruk_kabir makes a sensational debut with allah ke banday. This is powerful cinema.”

Neil Mukesh also shared his sentiments on Twitter, “Watch out for “Allah ke bande” in theaters soon don’t miss it. Stars Naseeruddin Shah, Sharman Joshi. Directed by @faruk_kabir”

Page 3 movie director Madhur Bandarkar similarly tweeted ‘”Looking forward to watching debutant director Faruk Kabir’s Allah Ke Bandey.. Heard a lot about it.. Seems quite a gritty, real & promising film”

We are Family director Siddharth Malhotra also echoed similar sentiments “saw Allah Ke Bande acted, written and directed by @faruk_kabir only one word for all 3 departments “outstanding” nothing can stop this film…”

The year so far has been about underdogs with smaller films Peepli Live, Udaan getting due credit and accolades. We at Bollyspice are consistently vouching for and encouraging good cinema, hope that Allah Ke Banday also sustains the clash with biggies Guzaarish, BKB and manages to emerge as a winner in its own.

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