Bipasha Embroiled in Child Labour Controversy

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For all those who love to share each and every random bit of their lives on the social networking sites, here’s a lesson to be learned by our very own pin-up girl – Bipasha Basu. What was supposed to be a harmless mundane post (well, at least according to Bips) on the popular networking site Twitter turned ugly when fans and alike took offense to a picture she had uploaded.

Here’s the story. Bips posted a pic showing two girls tying her shoe laces with an accompanying tweet: “I need to learn to tie shoe laces ASAP! Embarrassed that I can’t! No patience grrrrr! Promise I am not spoilt! Will learn soon.” The moment she tweeted this, she started receiving strong negative response with many of her followers disgusted by the fact that she was indirectly promoting child labour. “Are they two kids? I think its child labour???” – “Disgraceful Bips – cannot believe you are dumb enough to add this photo on Twitter!” – “This is how we treat fellow Indians. Shame on you Bipasha. Unfollowed you shameless!”.

While some thought that it was harmless – “Oh god, people should just chill out. Like you guys wouldn’t do her laces! I god damn would! Lol.” – many criticized her for putting up such a post.

Seeing the furor, she immediately deleted the tweet saying that it was all done in fun. “Well the ppl helping me in the pix r my friend n sister, Who I help often with the same! So am sorry if it hurt anyone’s sentiments!”. Bipasha was angry at the outburst and couldn’t understand what the commotion was all about. “I am shocked tht a small thing like this can turn into a furore hitting out on my character and being, Totally Unacceptable!”

What’s interesting is that while in the earlier tweet she mentioned that she couldn’t tie her laces and hence was taking the help, her next tweet states that she too helps her sis and friend with the same. Oops moment? That’s not all. When at a press conference in Delhi she was asked about this controversy, she replied “I’ve said everything I had to, on Twitter. I don’t think it was child labour at all” and refused to state the identity of the two people in the photo. Well, if those two indeed are her sister (who is a married grown-up woman by the way) and her friend as stated by her on Twitter then why did she refuse to state their names at the event?

Wonder what she was thinking while putting this post up. Seems like she has a lot of covering up to do in case she want to get through this.

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