“Bollywood is not a dark world, I am yet to experience its bad side” – Priya Banerjee

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It has been four years since Priya Banerjee arrived from Canada to India with dreams in her eyes to make it big in the world of film industry. While her stint at the beginning was down South, her Bollywood sojourn began with Jazbaa. Now that she has already spent a couple of years in Mumbai and has pretty much set it as a base, has she been exposed to that side of the industry which many perceive to be dark and infamous?

“Honestly, I don’t think Bollywood is a dark world,” says Priya, “I am not experiencing anything like that. I am still fairly new here and still have managed to do three-four films as well as an online series already. To think of it, there are some girls out there who haven’t even started working even though they have been around for a much longer time. Why just the complete outsiders like me, there are even a lot of Bollywood kids who are struggling to find their first big break. In that sense I am happy to be still doing well for myself. And no, I am yet to experience the bad side of the industry thankfully.”

While she also had an interim release in the form of 2016 – The End, her romantic musical Dil Jo Na Keh Saka is currently playing in theaters. As someone who has come from Canada to India in order to make a career in the world of glamour and showbiz, is she going ahead strictly on her instincts or are there close friends and industry people to guide her?

“Yes, I have a Manager who helps me and that is much needed since I need guidance to pick and choose the right films,” says Priya in a matter of fact tone, “During Jazbaa I went by my instincts as there was no one like Dharma Productions or Yash Raj Films launching me. As a matter of fact for two years I went mostly by my instinct. However now that I have had a few releases, I don’t think I will risk it by going just by my instinct. At this point I would be seeking guidance. I have seen people waiting for a really long time to get a right flick. You have to keep working though. You need to be seen so that people notice you.”

Well, she is bound to be noticed for sure, what with a couple of more notable films lined up for release in the first half of 2018.

Joginder Tuteja tweets @tutejajoginder

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