Character in Lamhaa Chopped to Avoid Controversy

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The movie Lamhaa is quickly getting synonymous with the word ‘controversy’. Ever since the movie has taken to the floors, it has been embroiled in problems causing the makers much anxiety. Right from the casting of its leading lady to the objection raised by the censor board to the movie’s promo, the film has had its share of bad news.

To avoid any further trouble, the track of militant-turned-politican Kuka Parray played by newcomer Ajaz Khan has been totally chopped off from the film. Producer Bunty Walia confirmed in an interview, “The character was not fitting in the scheme of things. Rahul thought that the character should be left out and that’s about it. There is nothing more to it.”

Ajaz, (who has worked in TV shows such as Karam Apna Apna, Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka) said, “I have no issues if it is for the betterment of the film. Bunty is a close friend and it was a good role for a newcomer like me. However, I am sure we will work together in the future. There were too many controversies surrounding the film. I guess they didn’t want more with this character.”

About Kuka Parray.

Muhammad Yusuf Parray, alias Kuka Parray, the most prominent counter-insurgent, was killed in an ambush by militants along with two of his close associates at his hometown in Kashmir in September 2003.

Kuka Parray, was a militant commander whose writ ran unchallenged in the Baramulla district (J&K) during the heyday of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir. Around 1995, he met a local Army unit and soon switched sides. Thereafter, he and his associates started working with the Army and proved extremely helpful in counter-insurgency operations. Without his help, many of the victories against the terrorists would not have been possible, an official acknowledged. However, he was accused of indulging in violence, robbery and arson against his opponents and of vandalizing the area’s ecology felling thousands of trees or, at least, encouraging renegades involved in such acts. He would vehemently deny such charges and insist that his mission was to eradicate terrorism and the gun culture from Kashmir. Kuka Parray was elected to the state Assembly from his home constituency Sonawari in September 1996, but his critics – including the National Conference (NC) whose candidate lost to him – alleged that it was the security forces who made his victory possible through manipulation. As a legislator, Parray was a failure, which even his admirers acknowledged. His defeat in the 2002 Assembly elections affected him and he kept a low profile until his death in 2003.

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