Director Prakash Jha brilliance as an actor shines in the short film Justaju – The longing!

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Prakash Jha who has given us magnificent movies to keep in our memory has now taken up acting as a new feather to his hat. The director who was seen acing the cop role in Jai Gangaajal has taken over the screen as a protagonist for a short film.

The short film titled, Justaju – The longing handles urban loneliness with a story that demonstrates skill and cleverness. The duo of Prakash Jha and Sarika star as the leads in this short film which is written and directed by Mudassir Mashalkar.

Talking about the short film, Prakash Jha shares, “I was quiet surprised when Mudassir approached me with this script, as I’m nothing like the character Valmiki. I was very intrigued by the character and was drawn into it. I wanted to go deeper into the psyche of this lonely man. Mudasar was very clear with the story the way he wanted to shoot the film which was very helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this character and would love to explore more such interesting characters in the future as I love and enjoy acting.”

Prakash Jha plays the role of Valmiki, a man on an escape from suffering discovers his cure amidst pain. Watch Valmiki traverse through an extraordinary journey in JUSTAJU, an award winning piece that has found its way to your smart screens!

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