Farah-Shirish’s Romantic Rendezvous Revealed!

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Karan Johar’s season 3 of his talk show Koffee with Karan seems to be letting out quite a few secrets from the celebrities lives. After the controversial episode of Deepika-Sonam, this Sunday saw three popular and talented directors: Farah Khan, Imtiaz Ali and Rajkumar Hirani sharing some interesting facts with Karan (and the viewers). And it was Farah, who had a pretty sweet story to tell. Shirish and Farah were dating during the time he was an editor for Imtiaz’s Socha Na Tha. And it so happened that Farah used to meet him during his editing sessions in his edit room and dance to a song from the movie: ‘Seedhe Saadhe Dhang Se’! Said Farah,” It was like a proposal song for us.”

Seems the director of romantic movies was indirectly responsible for adding a bit of romance to their lives!

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