Fashion Blunders of 2007

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Amrita Rao

The cute little girl next door with so much potential, talent wise and looks wise, disappointed us event after event this year. Her outfit choices were extremely messy and mismatched, though one event trumps the rest in terms of bad choices, i.e. the sari she chose to wear at the Saawariya premiere. I only have four words for her, “what were you thinking?” Seriously Amrita, you’re not Re’s age yet though even she pulls off those awfully covered and drapes saris with panache.

Well so the cute little girl next door does try and break away from the mould of Pooja from Vivaah, she dresses like the young girl she is, BUT in horrible outfits. What was up with that awful purple top with the faded jeans in boot cut, the style so done with years ago, also… the straight as an arrow eyebrows combined with the light brown hair, did not help!

Here she is in another mismatched outfit, the dress does not work with her body type… she could have done a shorter one and in a brighter color… let me not even talk about the shoes!

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