Fashion Blunders of 2007

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The men: The only two men who were bad enough to make it to our list of fashion blunders of 2007!

We’ll start with the worst of men:

Shekhar Suman! Why is he trying so hard to be young, because he is ending up looking like a fool after his numerous attempts. A clean shaved chest, taut facial skin, a wrinkly neck, deep v-neck shirts, floral at that, skinny jeans, and very VERY bad poses. Shehkar, go back to the man you were when your show with star plus was new! Stick to suits or FULLY covered dress shirts. You look out of place, and horrific, such continuous events could scar you children for life, after all, who wants their dad looking that way. Do it for the children… atleast.

Like Lara, Shahrukh Khan’s name and fashion sense brings forth the word elegance and smart. He messed up big this once but big enough to be on this list. He had been wearing deep V necks and sheer shirts for a while now, but this award event took the cake. The loosely hanging pants, combined with the floral sheer shirt, very wrong! Then he had to go with the 70s feel and wear a drab checkered coat… not working at all.

Salman’s Jeans

Yes, this spot is occupied by Salman’s jeans and his jeans only, they have their own personality, but we don’t like it. Take a look at the variety he has worn this year and I really won’t have to say much!

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