Fashion Blunders of 2007

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It was tough picking the worst of the lot, and after countless processes of elimination, because we can’t simply put everyone up here, we chose the few repeat offenders, and the few one timers who did it in one big bad jhatka! Here goes:

Ayesha Takia

Somebody tell her that being a size DD and wearing tube top style clothes is a huge NO NO! She scored with the uber trendy hairstyle that worked on her, but had to ruin it as soon as it was newly cut – either by wearing outfits that fit the category that mockers put her into, that is in the “oriental doll”, or simply by choosing wrong pieces for her body type.

Here in this dress, she could have pulled off a trendier look in clothes had she chosen to… but alas, she had to choose the gaudiest of pieces!

In the black sari, the top looks gigantic, not her fit obviously and besides, the middle parting of the full forehead bangs never ever works!

Also, another disastrous tube top outfit… the print is ugly and the shoes are uglier. Zero points for Ayesha’s dress sense this year! You are a beautiful girl Ayesha, hire a stylist ASAP!

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