Fashion Blunders of 2007

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Vidya Balan

Now here’s one who raked in criticism after criticism, this entire year and the last. Where she got applauded for getting a haircut for a more youthful look, she also got razzed for her extremely boring choices in clothes. I don’t think I remember her wearing anything besides black, predominantly, in most of the events this year. They were all baggy, drab, and not really clothes a celeb should be photogged wearing! Her choice of outfit for the BB premiere had our eyeballs popping out, in HORROR! Yeah yeah she tried to be daring and wore a skirt… but with the kind of top that probably wouldn’t even look good with jeans! The golden belt, the short hair, the shoulder pad like top, and the pencil skirt… yuck! Anymore silver on her and I would’ve been sure she arrived in a spaceship!

Vidya, here’s hoping you hit the gym in 2008, lose the pounds and stop wearing black to camouflage the weight, trust me, it doesn’t do anything. And also, hire a stylist would you.

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