Fashion Blunders of 2007

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Bipasha Basu

This lady shocked us this year, and not in a good way! Bipasha, the one lady in bollywood whom I would be willing to shout out from roof tops of how well she carries herself and always wears the right outfits for the right occasions… she was one of my personal biggest disappointments of the year! She turned up event after event, looking either trashy, sloppy, absent minded or just plain awful.

Her gown pick for the Olay event was totally not working, granted she is tall and a former model after all, she was unable to pull it off.

In this silver pleather or whatever dress here, it’s too trashy, especially if she wants better roles than what she got in D2 or even in DDDG. Its way too short, and color, fabric and cut do nothing for her. That dress would look better on maybe Brittany Murphy?? I mean it certainly isn’t anything Sarah Jessica Parker would ever pick!

Here in this very cut top and jeans ensemble, Bips had to ruin it by wearing those UGLY shoes! Bipasha, there are better looking booties out there… you don’t have to stick with what Rocky S made, even if its ugly and only spoiling an otherwise perfectly fine ensemble. Oh, and I get it you want to look casual, but dabbing a bit of concealer wouldn’t hurt.

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