Haripriya wants to be like Aishwarya Rai

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Sandalwood actress Haripriya has set herself tough targets in her career — she claims she wants to be as big as Aishwarya one day. In order to build her career in the right way, she is being very careful about which scripts she accepts. “I’m not just accepting any offer that comes my way,” she explains, “I have rejected at least 15-20 offers because of poor scripts. I want to act in performance-oriented roles. I just don’t want to do touch and go type of roles. That’s why I have been very choosy.”

Her current release is Mukyamantri I Love You and it has already attracted its fair share of controversy. With Vijay as a star, the movie appears to be about the scandal surrounding Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy and his alleged affair with the actress Radhika. Different names are used in the movie. Kumaraswamy’s father is of course former Prime Minister HD Devegowda and the ex-PM is seeking 10 crores damages from the moviemakers coupled with a demand not to release the film.

Haripriya will also soon be seen in Ee Sambhashane which is currently having two songs finished off in Delhi and will then foray into Kollywood films with Kanagavel Kakka.

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