“I have no intention of making socially relevant movies” – Shilpa Shetty

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You have to hand it to the woman for being so brutally honest. In a day and age where Bollywood is experimenting far more than ever before, leading actress Shilpa Shetty who has launched her own production company (S2 Global Productions) says she will stick to making only commercial films.

Backing up her stance, she says, “The Indian audience still does not accept socially relevant movies and prefers commercial cinema which provides light entertainment. I am not here to incur losses by making socially relevant movies. Our company will concentrate purely on commercial cinema and I have no intention of making socially relevant movies.”

It seems Miss Shetty is forgetting last year’s Taare Zameen Par. But just in time, she adds, “I admit Taare Zameen Par worked despite being a socially relevant movie, but it was an exception. I can tell you about many movies which people don’t even know the name of.” In fact, it seems her opinion is based on a personal experience involving Phir Milenge. “My movie Phir Milenge, which was on a sensitive issue like AIDS, did not even get noticed. Neither was it commercially successful nor did it win any award. It is really disappointing,” Shilpa sadly says.

Though she has experimented in the past as an actor, she remains firm that her production company will make only masala films. There are those that would quickly argue with Shetty, but at the end of the day money unfortunately makes the world go around.

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