Pooja Gandhi in a Bikini

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Kannada actress Pooja Gandhi is working hard to develop her career and move up the ranks to Tollywood and beyond. In her latest movie Kodagana Kolinungitha, she is seen wearing nothing but a bikini. Does this pose a risk to her image? “It is only one scene and it has been shot aesthetically,” she explains. “There are no unwanted shots and I know where to draw my line.”

Equally controversially, Pooja has been lined up to play Kannada actress Kutty Radhika in the movie Mukya Manthri I Love You. This is based on the story of the rumoured love affair between ex-Chief Minister Kumaraswamy (he is married with children of course – and the son of an ex-Indian Prime Minister) and Kutty that rocked Karnataka a couple of years ago. The film will also have allusions to corruption in the mining industry.

Pooja, known as the Mungaru Male girl after her exciting debut movie, has certainly worked hard to demonstrate a variety of skills in her acting roles. The recently completed Anu shows her as a TV journalist. “I play the role of a TV journalist in this film. Many mysterious things happen in front of my eyes and I will be left dumbfounded. Finally the mystery gets solved. Anu is the remake of Telugu film Anasuya directed by Ravi Babu. Bhumika had acted in the leading role in this film. I am happy that I got the opportunity to play such an interesting role in its Kannada version.”

Her latest film to be released, however, will be Taj Mahal, which opens on July 25th. It will be the first Kannada film to be released simultaneously in Karnateka and the UK, marking another milestone in the history of Sandalwood.

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