Purab Kohli disturbed by media reports

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Purab Kohli (Rock On! and My Brother Nikhil) seems to be having a rough time as far as his personal life is concerned. And the media seems to be adding to his woes. News was rife that Purab and his wife of three years Yamini Namjoshi are headed for a divorce after she got to know of his closeness to Gul Panag. Gul and Purab, who are starring in Alankrita Shrivastav’s Turning 30, rubbed her the wrong way when they shared a passionate kiss onscreen. So much so that the shooting of a love making scene was finally cancelled.

Purab tried to plead to the press to respect his privacy; he had recently tweeted ,”Everything isn’t meant for public discussion and especially when those are personal matters that involve families. It’s important that people realise where to draw the line and respect the sanctity of our personal space.” The media paid no heed to his pleas and this has discomforted the actor so much that he refused to go to the capitol with Gul for the promotion of their movie. Purab is stressed that the reporters might keep on asking questions about his broken marriage and his supposed affair with Panag and so has decided to keep a low profile.

Guys, leave the poor chap alone. He already seems to have enough on his plate to worry about.

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