Rambha is Back

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After a gap of three years that left her fans desperate, Rambha is back in Kollywood with Vidiyum Varai Kathirru. “I am thrilled to be back to the Tamil screen. It took three years. But I think I took the right decision to wait for a good role,” she said.

Rambha recently made a big impression at the 55th Filmfare South Awards with a stunning stage performance. What makes this film so special for her? “It’s a suspense thriller. I am really thrilled about this film. It’s a film that even a child can watch. There is no vulgarity in it.”

Rambha has appeared in over a hundred films in all the major movie industries. In Bollywood, she has appeared in several movies with Govinda including Beti No.1. Her best Malayalam film was possibly Chronic Bachelor opposite Mammooty. Her last Tamil movie was Sukran opposite Vijay.

Rambha is refreshingly frank about how much she loves the glamour of being a movie actress and the attention she receives. “I like it very much,” she says. “When I entered the field, I used to dream that people should come to see me. Every artiste has this dream, though he or she may not admit it. When I go out, I want people to recognise me. I’ve been like that since I was a child. I crave for attention! As a kid, whenever I wore a new outfit, I wanted everyone’s attention. I used to wait until people said, ‘Wah! What a dress you are wearing!’”

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