Ranbir says no to weddings

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The age old debate on whether stars should dance at weddings and private functions continues without any signs of a definite conclusion, with the industry divided over this issue. While some have no qualms about performing at such places (Shah Rukh had infamously stated, “I am a b***d for rent. Anyone can hire me for a price.”), some definitely feel that it reduces the aura of the celebrities. For every Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif who wouldn’t mind dancing at events as long as the pay is great, there’s an Ajay Devgn, Imran Khan who wouldn’t be caught dead at such functions no matter what the price tag.

Close on the heels of Priyanka Chopra’s declaration that she would never dance at hotels, although she has no problems with weddings, comes Ranbir Kapoor‘s statement on this issue. On daddy dearest Rishi Kapoor’s strict instructions, Ranbir has vowed not to dance at any weddings – and wait! – even award functions. Rishi firmly believes that exclusivity is an important attribute of stars and feels that such performances will only diminish it. Given that a world tour might be on the cards for the Kapoors, he feels that the fans who pay an exorbitant amount to see the stars perform live deserve some exclusivity.

Ranbir, who is following this advice sincerely, seems to wholly agree with it. After all, daddies are always right, aren’t they?

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