Record Payment for Namitha

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Namitha, the top glamour-puss of Tollywood and Kollywood, has just won a record payment to appear in the Mollywood production The Black Stallion. Kalabhavan Mani will play the hero in the movie.

Namitha first grabbed people’s attention with Engal Anna opposite Vijayakanth and did well earlier this year with Billa. She is currently filming four films, including three opposite popular actor Sundar C – Idi, Thee and Perumal. Namitha is famous for her tall and voluptuous stature – she is an amazing six foot tall.

Namitha is a perfectionist when it comes to her art. For the upcoming movie Jaganmohini, she plays the role of a pearl diver and so she has been spending time in the Andaman Islands learning how to scuba dive, so that her action sequences in the film are authentic.

Namitha’s fans are so overwhelmed by her that they want to build three temples in her honour so she can be worshipped publicly. This is – to say the least – a fairly strange situation. How does Namitha feel about it? “There is a proposal to build three temples for me in Tamilnadu,” she says, “My admirers who want my wellbeing come to me daily with such requests. I don’t know what answer I can give them. I find it hard to say yes. However, I have decided not to disappoint them and to let them go ahead.”

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