Salman’s Refusal to ‘Act’

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Salman Khan is known for his masti bhara attitude at award functions where he takes the opportunity to have a little fun during his live performances. So for this generally genteel Khan to put his foot down – the reason is going to have to be completely justifiable.

Sources say that Khan refused to stick to an interview script that was written for him for a TV Award Function where Vidya Malavade (of Striker and Chak De! India fame) was host.

“After Salman was given the script, he took it into his vanity van to read it and after sometime came out and said that he won’t be able to follow what has been written in the script,” revealed the source.

The reason behind this? Well…sources say that the script that was given to Salman contained an inappropriate question regarding Katrina Kaif. Apparently the script was worded in a manner whereby Salman was supposed to stare for a few seconds after award host Vidya asked the question and then he get up and run away, and then return to the interview after a scared Vidya repeatedly apologised for asking the question.

This dramatisation was according to sources going to be used as a promotional skit on television to entice viewers to watch the ceremony, this however did not happen. The show’s producers do not know whether the promotional aspect of the script was leaked to Khan or it was his decision just not to be a part of the act

Vidya’s spokesperson confirmed the incident. She commented that Salman was his “charming self”, and completely “jovial and witty through the interview”. After which he even graciously complimented her on her performance in Striker and Chak De!India as well as her hosting skills.

I guess this can truly be described as a case of all’s well that ends well….

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