Sheila’s Katrina: On inspiring and getting inspired!

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Even those totally disconnected with Bollywood must have heard about Sheila and her jawani as she continues making waves. And she seems to have won the hearts of not only the men but the children as well! This was very much evident recently at a grand hotel when a bunch of mischievous kids could only be settled down by the song Sheila ki Jawani (an observer had commented on the popular social networking site Facebook that she had found the children of her building actually singing the song word to word!). Though some might be scandalized by this fact, Katrina Kaif actually was happy with the response of the public to her song. “It’s great news that the song is loved so much. I feel great to be part of Sheila,” she said, happy that her hard work had finally paid off. And though reports had earlier quoted Katrina as stating that she had drawn inspiration from Madhuri and other actresses for her dance moves, she admitted that her actual inspiration was belly dancing queen Shakira. “To be very frank, I drew inspiration from her. If my dance in the song Sheila Ki Jawani reminds the viewers of Shakira, it’s a huge reward for me,” she told the reporters.

While Kat drew her inspiration from a number of sources, someone else seems to have got inspired by Miss Sheila pretty quickly. Kanti Shah, who is known as a B/C-grade movie maker, has now made a film titled Sheila ki Jawani! “The day the song became a hit I decided to make the film. I finished shooting within 12 days,” says Shah, adding that only the title has been used from this Tees Maar Khan (TMK) song and the script is very original (reports state that the female protagonist plays a small time heroine just like Kat’s character in TMK but we guess that’s another story!). And does Farah Khan have any objections to this? Not quite, going by the way she joked about this at the recent TMK Game Launch where BollySpice was present. When a reporter asked her how she felt about a C-grade film maker finishing a movie with such a title, she said, “C-grade? You seem to have turned a B-grade director into a C-grade one! And he finished the shooting of the film in just 12 days? Yaar Akshay, tum bhi roj set par jaldi aate to hamari picture bhi jaldi shoot hokar khatam hoti! (Akshay, if you had come early to the sets everyday, then even we would have finished the shoot of the film soon!)”. Katrina joined in soon and reprimanded Farah for not having listened to her advice of registering the title (“You could have sold of the title and made some money,” she said!), to which Farah replied that now they would have to give up on their plans of making a sequel to TMK titled Sheila Ki Jawani. While Akki seemed pretty taken aback, Katrina sweetly explained to him that during a previous interview when somebody had asked her about a sequel to this movie, she had said that it would be called Sheila Ki Jawani, taking the liberty to say so since Akshay was not around!

Sheila’s stories will continue to do the rounds as long as she is in demand. We must definitely applaud Farah for giving us two of the most dhinchak songs of the year : Sheila Ki Jawani and Munni Badnaam Hui.

For now, do catch the actual Sheila aka Katrina at the TMK Games Launch at BollySpice’s official YouTube channel, and check out a few pictures from the event.

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