Sweet Sixteen Memories!

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Being sixteen is a memorable adventure for many youngsters, and celebrities are no different. Two of our Kollywood cum Bollywood stars, R Madhavan and Shruti Hassan, shared what was it like for them to be sixteen again.

For Maddy, the most bitter-sweet moment at sixteen was leaving behind his best friend for his exchange programme in Canada. The girl, who was a very close friend of his, was someone with whom he shared his apprehensions of being alone for the first time in his life. Though not in an actual relationship, theirs was apparently a bond of trust and caring. Which is why he will always remember the moment when she hugged him. “This was the first time I was touched by a girl, and to be hugged, it was a very different feeling,” he said.

For style queen Shruti, it comes as no surprise that sixteen for her was all about style and establishing her own brand. Whether it was writing Bob Dylan’s poetry on her jeans, wearing headphones with an I-don’t-care-a-damn attitude, or wearing rebellious clothes, style meant showing others what you are in a non-obvious way. And of course the aura of mystery to be created around oneself! For Shruti, it also meant the time for self discovery. “I started to figure out that I may want to be a musician for the rest of my life, the urge to speed up the process of self discovery certainly reflected in my sense of style,” she admitted.

Which just goes to show that however big their star status might be, it is these little moments of life which most celebrities cherish!

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