The real reason why Unforgettable was cancelled in Vancouver

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Earlier this week, we reported that the Unforgettable Tour would not be holding a concert in Vancouver, Canada any longer due to poor ticket sales. Local promoters in Vancouver claimed the tickets were not selling because of steep prices set by Canadian promoters Ethnic Guru Inc. Latest reports indicate that these rumours might not be correct. Ethnic Guru has a very different story to tell and they claim that Wizcraft, who is organizing the show, had always scheduled Vancouver as a tentative show.

As usual, the media is running wild pointing fingers at various people hoping to find a reason for the cancellation of the show. Bollyspice hopes to provide all sides to the story by including what Ethnic Guru has to say. The rest is left up to your discretion!

So why did promoters in Vancouver lash out against Ethnic Guru? “It’s obvious that many of the competing promoters and their affiliated media outlets in Canada have been annoyed by the fact that a high profile concert of this stature did not come through their efforts. It is no secret that every effort has been made by them to discredit the Tour and its promoters at all levels,” they said in a formal statement to IANS.

They also assert that Vancouver witnessed fantastic ticket sales but the show had to be cancelled because of various logistic reasons, not poor ticket sales. Those who purchased tickets, will be receiving refunds from

So while potentially jealous local promoters in Vancouver say one thing, Ethnic Guru who is the national promoter has shown another side to the story. At the end of the day, the bottom line is that the show isn’t happening which is a sad day for fans in Vancouver.

On a brighter note, Vancouver can look forward to Akshay Kumar performing at the Pacific National Exhibition and that too, in a helicopter! He will be promoting his film Singh is Kinng and will perform on August 2.

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