UTV Indiagames launches ‘I Hate Luv Storys’ game

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Karan Johar’s Dharma productions’ next I Hate Luv Storys (IHLS) released on Wednesday in the US and Canada and Friday in the UK and India and the cast is putting in extreme hours in promoting the movie. On the heels of the banner’s tie-up with Mills and Boon, the production house announced yet another association with UTV Indiagames, thus entering into the seldom-explored territory of mobile gaming by a film production house. UTV Indiagames is a subsidiary of UTV Motion Pictures, who are the co-producers of the film.

At an event in Mumbai earlier today, attended by the film’s actors Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor, along with Director Punit Malhotra, UTV Indiagames announced the launch and unveiled the official mobile game for I Hate Luv Storys.

Talking about the IHLS mobile game, Imran confessed that being a gaming enthusiast; he has played the ‘Halo’ series, ‘Prince of Persia’ and ‘Gears of War. He spends a lot of his time on his X-Box, and hence the idea of launching a mobile game inspired by the film appealed to him. Further, he went on to playing the IHLS game as a tiny demo for the audience.

Once connected the gamer enters the virtual world of IHLS and has to step into the character of either – Jay (Imran), Simran (Sonam) or Raj (Samir Dattani). With superior quality graphics, animations, characterization, and easy navigation, the game has four levels all loosely inspired by the plot of the film. In level 1 – Theatre Blues, Jay is watching a film with Simran and Raj and his task is to irritate Simran without getting caught. If he succeeds, he moves on to the 2nd level – Love Cocktail, where he has to secretly spike Raj’s glass and get him drunk at Simran’s cocktail party. In the 3rd level – Dance of Envy, Jay is to dance with Giselle and make sure Simran gets jealous. Finally, in the 4th level- Race for Love, Jay acknowledges his true love for Simran and has to rush to stop Simran before it is too late! (much like in the movies but if that is the ending we are not going to tell).

Announcing the launch of the game, Samir Bangara, COO, UTV Indiagames said, “This movie has excellent pedigree coming from – Dharma and UTV Motion Pictures with a young star cast that our gaming audience identifies with. The romantic genre was also interesting as we see an increasing mix of women in our user base. The different game experiences including a racing game, ensure appeal across our target audience while keeping with the theme of the movie”

Talking about the association, Punit said, “IHLS is a fun, young film made with a lot of heart. I am sure people will really like this gaming experience by Indiagames as it is interactive, enjoyable and engaging.”

Imran also went on to talk about July being a sentimental month for him, since his debut film Jaane Tu ya Jaane Naa was released in the month in 2008. Sonam asserted her love for movies, the benefits of being from a film family, her favourite onscreen couple being Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia.

The game is available on all major handsets and all the network providers in India. It is approximately priced between Rs. 30 to 50 depending upon the service provider.

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