Our Favourite Filmi Mr. Right and Wrong!

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There are some of us who love a sensitive soul like the men above, but these bad boys are wonderful as well, along with a few faults and penchant for some dishoom dishoom.

Vijay Khanna from Zanjeer – The brooding, and sullen hero emerged with Amitabh Bachchan’s iconic performance in this classic film, but don’t count on him singing a song with you. Even though firecracker Jaya Bhaduri played his heroine, Vijay just had no time for romance despite the poignant qawalli ‘Deewano Ko’ which brought the two together. However, his searing intensity and witty insults make Vijay a Byronic hero worth all the trouble because eventually after a long day of vigilante work even an Angry Young Man needs a Mrs. Right to keep in line!

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