Our Favourite Filmi Mr. Right and Wrong!

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Laali from Chandni – In every romantic film there has to be a Mr. Left Behind but in Yash Chopra’s Chandni, he got it wrong. Vinod Khanna was so touching as the gruff but charming Laali, Chandni’s boss in the city. When he reveals his previous heartbreak, and slowly falls for Chandni, our alliances slowly shift from Chandni and Rohit’s (Rishi Kapoor) conventional romance. When he sings his torch song ‘Lagi Aaj Saawan Ki’ his expressions go from sadness to anguish when he contemplates his love Chandni. It is so beautiful because of the way Vinod Khanna invests so much pathos into a mature character who is a better pick than the younger more energetic Rohit.

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