Our Favourite Filmi Mr. Right and Wrong!

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Raju the Tramp – Raj Kapoor embodied many avatars in his career that make him a lovable Mr. Right. Raju had shades of Chaplin’s Little Tramp, but he made Raju the sunny optimist of a rapidly changing India. However, Raju was always so endearing when he courted his ladylove often played by Nargis, especially their sparring in Shree 420 where they laugh at each other falling over banana peels in the big bad city. Even this small comic scene works so well, as this Mr. Right has a sense of humour in a grey situation like finding a honourable living to impress his girl. Even though Raju turned to crime and scheming in both Aawara and Shree 420, it was only for his darling to appreciate him and it is the thought that counts. Although Raju could be comic, he was equally passionate and sexy in Aawara where his detached manner made him all the more attractive to Rita (Nargis) who sings the most erotic song of the 50’s ‘Dum Bhar Jo Munh’ to win him over.

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