Our Favourite Filmi Mr. Right and Wrong!

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Sam from An Evening in Paris – We just could not forget the rebellious playboy: Shammi Kapoor. Perhaps his best avatar of the insistent lover boy, in this film he is Sam, a Parisian Indian who woos a pair of Sharmila Tagore twins. If it sounds mundane on paper, just look at the locations where Shammi is let loose: Beirut, Sweden, Niagara Falls. It is a quintessential 60’s flick, but Sam cements his status on this list for the absolutely daring song ‘Aasman Se Aaya Farishta’ where he dangles from a helicopter to spot his ladylove! However, if Shammi is most known for his abundant energy, then there are soft moments in this film where he just shines. Especially when the two lovers flirt and caress each other, shot in extreme close-ups, it becomes so spicy and romantic. If he wasn’t insistent enough then Sam goes through many different disguises to woo his gal, and persistence pays, as he’s one of the indelible Mr. Rights of the screen.

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