Our Favourite Filmi Mr. Right and Wrong!

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The Raj/Rahul persona of Shah Rukh Khan – You can’t talk of a Mr. Right without a mention of the man who sends women of any age gaga: Shah Rukh Khan. The way he raises his hands, those stutters, and those eyebrow wiggles: all of these iconic features bring on a swoon and laugh. However, many times Shah Rukh has played a Raj from DDLJ or a Rahul from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai these gestures come naturally and are so genuine. It is an interesting relationship between the audience and a star, we know what we can expect, and he knows how to appeal to us all. Whenever he raises his arms for Aishwariya or Kajol to run into or kissing Preity’s neck in Veer Zaara, it is an instant gratification that only a perfect Mr. Right can give.

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