Our Favourite Filmi Mr. Right and Wrong!

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Vijay from Pyaasa – Another Vijay but one who is more concerned with the disparities and futility of life in a hardened and cold word. Pyaasa is a beautiful film, with perfect music and lyrics. However, with a hero that holds a grudge against society for rejecting his truth-bearing poems and a ladylove who rejected his lowly status as a poet, which makes him embittered and moody. It is only at the end, that he eventually realizes that Gulab (Waheeda Rehman) the streetwalker is the right girl for him. He does even not notice the lovely song ‘Aaj Sajaan Mohe Ang Laga Jo’ which interestingly objectifies him from the female gaze. However, what lush and haunting songs he would write to you and make sure to appeal to his philosophical musings on life!

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