Top 10 Bollywood Tweeters 2010

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8. Boman Irani @bomanirani

Tweeters love Irani’s tweets for his humor and affection for his fans who he refers to as his friends. During a visit to Berlin, he tweeted from his hotel room: See you later guys, have a ‘top of the world’ day. Going down to meet some friends. Shortly after that, he was outside his hotel to greet his fans, sign autographs and pose for photos with them.
While he does frequent film-related quizzes, he also tweets about everyday routines -which often include his wife, Zenobia -or better known as ‘Zen’.

For example:
Zen & I spent the last 45 trying to select a movie. We took less time on deciding to get married.
well she made a pretty decent selection 25 yrs ago…so it is only fair I allow her to select the movie too.
BTW she is still at it. GOOD NIGHT ZENNNN!!!!She has selected a movie that was made before cameras were!!!

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