Top 10 Bollywood Tweeters 2010

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4. Vivek Oberoi @vivek_oberoi

It’s really so hard not to like this actor. If it’s not his eyes and smile melting girls’ hearts, it is the fact that he is just so genuine! Visit his Twitter timeline and you will see replies after replies to his fans, addressing them as ‘buddy’, ‘sweets’ and ‘darling’ and is always sending ‘big hugs’ to everyone. Arguably one of the most interactive Tweeters from Bollywood, many of his followers would agree that he is caring (always asking about the well-being of his followers). He is very passionate about Project DEVI, founded by himself, which focuses on enriching the lives of the underprivileged girls of Vrindavan. The foundation provides children with the skills and education to become productive and self-sufficient adults. Vivek refers to the girls as ‘angels’ and often posts pictures of himself with them.

Vivek genuinely loves and more importantly, respects his fans. After his recent marriage, he tweeted: Heyyy tweeple!!! Thank u so very much for all the sweet wishes and prayers for priyanka and me! I ADORE u all for this! Wishing all of u a very happy diwali and a fabulous new year full of love, laughter and light!!!

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