Top 10 Bollywood Tweeters 2010

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2. Salman Khan @BeingSalmanKhan

It would not have been surprising if Twitter ‘broke’ when Arbaaz Khan announced that his brother, Salman joined Twitter. Often quirky, he often posts photos which will either have his followers laughing out loud or rolling their eyes. One such example is: I’m with a fan of mine (

Another funny tweet: Late fr shoot , vil make sm excuse, jaise ke no water, driver came late, if I say I woke up late , U think anis bazmi vil beat me up ?

Tweeting in both Hindi and English, he writes his tweets as if he is speaking to friends, like: Watz up ! Hw is your day going ?

Another funny one: May matter, may not matter but look into the matter. Arre matter se yaad aya – matter is anything that has a mass.

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