Top 10 Bollywood Tweeters 2010

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3. Rahul Khanna @R_Khanna

Intelligent, witty and suave pretty much sums up Rahul Khanna. His tweets are so clever and thought out, that one sometimes wonders, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ He is popular for posting photos -featuring him, like the one he uploaded of himself in his swimming pool, with the caption: Skyping friends in their offices from the pool is a good way to learn new & particularly salty expletives… ( He is also known for replying his fans with witty Direct Messages (DMs)

Some of his tweets:

I’m living proof of evolution. Tried on 9 shirts. None have long enough sleeves. Stylist distraught. The downside of orangutan forefathers.
From The Mosquito’s Guide to Eating Out (Of Towners): It’s all about location, location, location. On Rahul, that’s ankles, ankles, ankles.
Mortified to find an airline blanket in my carry-on. I hope I just mistook it for my sweater & am not a subconscious in-flight kleptomaniac.

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